Give her something you gave her a long time ago. Something from before you were married would be speciality good.  The gift isn’t as important as the memories it brings back, so choose wisely.

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Or – give her something to remind her of a place you used to go: a box of straws if you hung out at a malt shop, a menu from the place you used to eat, a card or soap bar from the hotel were you honeymooned.

By The Way: Such things qualify as romantic! 

[This post originally appeared July 08, 2009]

ADDENDUM: I’m writing this addition from Pendleton Oregon, where we are spending the night on our first away trip in the fifth wheel. A huge thanks to those of you who have given to help this become a reality. We are now at 62% of our total goal. If you want to help, we are asking for small donations – the cost of a cup of coffee. Send cash to the address below, or see here for giving on-line.

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