I just saw a new survey on which sex positions men and women prefer. As with most such surveys, the vast majority of women listed male on top, aka “the missionary position” as their favourite. Men do not rank missionary as high – it is usually second or third after rear entry (doggy style) and woman on top.

Some will tell you women choose man on top because they are uptight. Of course, some women are uptight, and feel missionary is the only way to go, but comments on surveys about positions show there are other reasons. Women like face-to-face sex, being able to kiss, and for their husband to take the lead. Missionary gives skin contact over more of the body and is a good position for orgasm. 

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Regardless of why, if she wants you on top, doing it her way regularly is loving and wise. Fortunately, it need not be boring. There are a number of variations, and if she is uptight, she may be more open to variations on missionary than trying other positions. Here are some ways to spice up the old standard:

  • Get a foothold: Bracing your feet makes missionary easier and prevents sliding. This can also increase stimulation of her clitoris. Use the footboard, or turn around and put your feet on the headboard or wall. 
  • Put a pillow under her bum: Tilting her pelvis makes for deeper penetration. By the way, pillows under her knees can make her more comfortable.
  • Ride High: Position yourself higher on her body than usual. This changes the angle of your penis, and better stimulates her clitoris. (Bracing your feet helps with this one.)
  • Grind: Rather than trusting, try to rub her clitoris with your pubic bone. This should be great for her, and less stimulating for you. Mix in thrusting as needed for your pleasure.
  • Shake it up: A small egg or bullet vibe placed between your bodies will give you both nice vibrations. With a vibe in place, try pressing into her firmly and not moving.
  • Legs up: She wraps her legs around your waist, or if she’s rather flexible she can put her legs on your shoulders. Both make for deeper penetration and better clitoral simulation. 
  • Legs together: She brings her legs together and you put your legs on the outside. More stimulation for both of you. 
  • Feet flat: Rather than rolling her legs out at the hips, she bends her legs and puts her feet flat on the bed.
  • Kneeling: You kneel between her legs and enter her. This gives you a nice view and your hands are free to do nice things to her clitoris. A pillow under her rear may be useful.
  • Florentine - especially for you: She grasps your penis and pulls the skin tightly to the base, holding it as you move in and out. This significantly increases stimulation for you. If she has already climaxed, doing this for you will quickly bring you to a very nice orgasm. (Send your wife to my wife’s post about this technique.)

Try these out one at a time and see how they work for you – and for her. Add the winners to your repertoire.

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