It’s time for some Christians to start the annual war against the way the world has perverted Christmas.

I’ve done a good deal of reading on this: the history of Christmas, why Dec 25th may not be so wrong, and all the ways the world and the church have twisted the whole thing. Frankly I’ve wasted far too many hours on this stuff.

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As I see it, the problem is not what’s been added. The problem is what’s been removed: Jesus loved us enough to come to earth as a baby, His death on a cross already planned. Granted some of what’s been added was added to replace or distract from the fact of Jesus, but I don’t see how making a lot of noise about the other stuff does anything to put the focus back on Jesus. How do protests, angry opinion pieces by journalists, boycotts, or hiding away like Scrouge show anyone the love of God?

My choice is to be in the world’s Christmas but not of it. I see it as an opportunity to show the kind of love only those who follow Him can show. I can’t do that if I’m angry, argumentative, defensive, or detached. I encourage you to do what you think is right, but please give what I’ve said here a bit of thought. 

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