I’ve talked a lot about dying to our preferences. It’s a loving and important part of being a good husband, but we’re human, and sometimes preferences don’t want to die.

RV light © Paul H. Byerly

For me, one of these silly preferences is a light in our bathroom that has two switches. There’s a switch on the light (common for RV lights) but also a wall switch. I would much rather use the wall switch. Occasionally, I would walk in and try to flip the wall switch only to find it in the on position with the light off. My dear wife had turned the light off from the switch on the fixture.

For a long time, I tried to live with it her way. Sometimes I would change it without saying anything. But it continued to irk me far more than I think it should. Finally, I asked Lori if she would do it my way for me. 

Is there some silly thing you really wish your wife did differently? Why not own it’s your issue and ask her if she would be willing to change for you? Then ask her what silly thing you can change for her. As long as these requests are the exception, not the norm, it shouldn’t be a big deal.

The Rest of the Story

Turns out my wife does not use this particular light. (There are a lot of lights in the bathroom.) She only turns it off when I have left it on for her or forgot to turn it off. This explains why finding it off at the fixture was sporadic. 

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Image Credit: © Paul H. Byerly

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