On the 17th of February we told you about the 5th wheel God gave us, and started a fundraiser to take care of various thing we would need to get out on the road full time doing marriage ministry. We are now approaching 75% of our goal, and it’s time to finish the fundraiser. I figure five months for a fifth wheel has a nice sound to it, so we will end on July 17th, regardless of where we are on the goal.

RV going down the road © Jim Parkin | Dreamstime.com

As I said recently, we’ve reached the point where heading out this fall is a done deal. Now it’s a matter of how functional and comfortable we will be. A couple of weeks ago I got up on the roof and decided the 16 year old AC unit was not worth trying to fix. We have put in a single portable unit which has kept the living room below 90 during a record heat wave here, but I’d like to add an RV swamp cooler.

Then our inverter went south, putting out 150 volts while claiming it was putting out anywhere from 80 to 120 volts. We plan to do a good deal of dry camping for a number of reasons, including saving money, and a working inverter is required for keeping our computer running when we dry camp. So we put the last of our available cash into a new inverter.

I share all this to give you an idea where we are and what we’ve done with the generous gifts we have received so far. I said at the start this would only happen if God was in it, and with the help of many who feel what we do it worth supporting. We’ve seen God do amazing things, and we’ve had 263 of you send a gift. It’s been mind blowing, humbling, and just awesome.

If you feel like supporting this, click here, or send a few dollars by mail to the address below. If you feel what we’re doing is a good thing, please keep us in your prayers, and look for us as we circle the country starting September 20th! We will post our travel route on The Generous Journey

Paul & Lori Byerly
PO Box 2166
Deer Park, WA, 99006-2166

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Image Credit: © Jim Parkin | Dreamstime.com

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