Do you ever say or do something and think in the back of your mind “this is not how mature adults act” or “this is not how a mature adult would handle this”?

This is Not How Mature Adults Act!

For some reason, these events seem more common in marriage than in other areas of life. Perhaps it’s the fact our wife can’t fire us the way our boss can. Maybe it’s because we think our wife is more likely to put up with it than our friends. Familiarity and the great amounts of time we spend with our wife are probably also factors.

Whatever the reason, if immaturity is more common in your marriage than the rest of your life, please see it as a problem. In small doses, it’s no big deal, but if it happens too often it hurts your relationship.

By the way, I’m not talking here about being silly or playful – things I personally value in my marriage. I’m talking about how we relate and how we deal with differences and problems.

Plan B: We’ve not found any speaking opportunities along our fall travel path. As much as we want to be in Austin for the winter, it’s a lot of time and money to get from here to there. After a good deal of prayer, both by us and our prayer team, we feel it’s not a good use of resources. We’re sad we won’t get to see more of the country (no Slab City!) and meet folks along the way, but it means we get to do our grandson’s second birthday and start our book writing sooner, so there are perks to staying. 
We still want to make the CMBA gathering in South Carolina in June, so we may well make an RV swing from here to there and back starting in April.
Now to making the RV winter ready in a place that really gets winter!

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