We had an RV, but no truck. I had not starting seriously looking for a truck because I didn’t think we had enough money yet. Fortunately, I have friends looking out for me. Yesterday when I went to check my phone I had three text message and three phone calls from my friend KC. (I am possibly the only person in the area who is not up by 6 AM – and those who get up after 5 AM are considered slackers!) He had been keeping his eye on Craig’s list, and thought he’d found the perfect rig for us. As I’ve never owned a diesel, KC agreed to go with me to check it out. Long story (and day) short, we drove it home. (If you’re a truck guy, you can see all the details here.)

Big Red F350 © Paul H. Byerly

KC was right; this truck is perfect, including the price. The fibreglass add-ons need paint, and most of the tires (it’s a dually) need to be replaced before we hit the road, but otherwise it’s in excellent shape. With what we had already received in our fundraiser so far, plus our savings, we had just enough to buy it. Had I waited till I thought we had enough money, I doubt I could have gotten a better rig, and I’m rather sure I’d have paid more.

We have a great truck because we have a friend who cares about us. For that matter we have the free RV because a couple of friends knew our dreams and thought of us. I can think of dozens and dozens of other times friends have blessed us, helped us, or saved us. I can also think of the times someone pulled me aside and asked how I was, or if Lori and I were doing okay. Last week a good friend asked us how our hearts were as we contemplated all the changes coming in the next months. 

We need friends. As individuals and couples, life is far better when we’re engaged with friends who care about us enough to look out for us, and to get in our business when necessary. I’ve been thinking about this a good deal recently since I will soon be on the road full time. Both Lori and I are working to build ways to stay connected with friends as we travel. Skype, email, facebook, and phone calls will become much more important as we move away from our local circle of friends.

Do you and your wife have good friends? Do you have friends separately and as a couple? Do you spend enough time with those friends to know and be known? Those who go it alone are picked off; those who live life in community are stronger and happier.

Send Us Out With a Cup of Coffee! Update: Because of the deal we got on the truck, and a couple other things we have not had to add/fix on the RV, we have revised our goal down to $15,000.  This means 131 of you have put us at 25% of our goal! If you’d like to send us a few dollars (literally) you can wrap them in paper and mail to the address below. To give via PayPal or Bill pay, check here.

Paul & Lori Byerly
PO Box 2166
Deer Park, WA, 99006-2166

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