It’s About the Knowing

October 21, 2014

in Romance

Below is my wife’s post from last Monday (emphasis mine)

Notes of Blessing 

My sweetie has been away at a men’s retreat.

Before he left he wrote messages on sticky notes and left them for me to find.

The cute twist was that he placed them where I would find them as I walked through my day. I’d pick up my coffee cup and there was a heart or I’d slip into the shower and there was a sexy little note. He knows me well enough to know my daily patterns. He also knew some of the things I would be facing while he was gone and he left me encouraging notes too.

My point here is not to brag on myself. I want you to see how impressed she was by how well I know her. Granted I have an advantage in the area of knowing her daily routine, as we both work from home. However, even when I worked away from home, I kept up with what she was doing each day. 

I have always said one huge part of being romantic is showing your wife you know her. Show her you pay attention to her, and prove you think about her even when you are apart. How you do it is up to you, just find a way to do it often!

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