Flowers – yes again.

April 8, 2009

in Gifts

Given that it’s spring for those of us above the equator, it seems a good time to remind you gentlemen that the vast majority of women see flowers as a sign of caring, romance, love and so on.

Easter Bonus: A corsage for her to wear to church on Easter is a nice touch. You can get fancy at a florist, or hit the grocery store – many have corsages in their floral section.  You will want to buy a couple of days early, and hid it deep in the refrigerator.

The Generous Husband
The Generous Husband

bryanpark - Absolutely. This is true for anything - there are always a few women who are very different than the norm. I have recommended against against gifts like vacuum cleaners for special occasions, but I once bought my wife one for Christmas and it was her favourite gift for the the year. Gotta know the one you're with!


Good tip if your bride is into flowers. Personally, my wife would be upset if I bought her flowers. I have tried and she has gotten mad everytime. She thinks that they are a waste of money. Make sure that you know your bride before you end up spending money on something that she won't like.

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