Touch at the right speed

April 17, 2009

in Physical Touch

6 in

A recent study found nerve fibres in the skin that cause pleasurable sensations – if the gentle stroking is done at a rate of 4-5 cm per second (1.5 to 2 inches per second). Pleasure was not felt if stroking was faster or slower. The fibres were found in “hairy skin” but not in the hands.

So, a slow gentle stroking of the arms or legs can be very calming and pleasurable, if you do it right.  The rate that works is pretty slow – you may have to work at it to get it right. Think in terms of a longer stroke – say three seconds for 15 cm/3 in6 in.

More info – BBC


BTW... 15cm is approx 6 inches... not 3in.... And yes... DW (and our pet rabbit) just love being stroked slow and gentle....

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