But I need to work on the “after effect”

July 11, 2009

in Acts of Service

This is a follow up on yesterday. (Sex will be on Sunday, I’m sure God won’t mind!)

I noticed something today – and realised it is a long time pattern.  I do well as I move through a difficult/busy/stressful time, but when I hit what I see as the end, I get a bit cranky and grumpy. My bride, when asked, confirmed this. It’s like I am on my guard to be decent as I move through it, but when it’s done I act as if I am due something – or should be exempt from being as nice and loving as I can.  Not that I am nasty or mean, but I am certainly not as loving and generous as I usually am.

My dear bride tells me it’s not bad, and does not last long, and is understandable.  All that is nice to hear, but in my heart I know she is worth the effort to do better.

I post this both as an act of being honest with y’all, and because I suspect I am not the only guy in the world who is like this.  May we all be more like Him and less like us.


Funny (not the ha ha kind). I'm the same way. We can not do this family thing in our strength.

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