This is your wake up massage

July 17, 2009

in Physical Touch

© Studiofi | Dreamstime.comSome morning when you wake up before both the alarm and your wife, turn off the alarm and wake her with a slow, gentle massage. No pressing in, just run your hands over her body, gently stroking one area a few times, then moving on to another. Don’t say anything, just feed her some morning oxytocin!

Be ready to follow up with some quiet hugging.

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If your wife is not a morning person I wouldn't even attempt this at this time of day. NOT A GOOD IDEA!


Yep. This is the best time. I always wake up before the alarm. Bride would like to linger for 3-4 hours after the alarm is scheduled to go off! Have to watch the schedule a bit on that one. Thanks for your tips.

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