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December 17, 2009

in Physical Touch

The impact of a simple hug is often underestimated.  The impact of regular hugs – especially if there are no strings attached – is profound.

How often do you hug your bride?  How often do you initiate the hugs?


Dr. Schnarch, in his book Passionate Marriage, points out that a 'social' hug cannot last past a count of four seconds before it becomes awkward. I've tried it and he is right--try to hold a social hug past a mental count of "1,000 1, 1,000 2, 1,000 3, 1,000 4"... and the other person will invariably break the hug and there will be an awkward moment. Why is this imnportant? Well, when there is a ripe moment, see if your spouse can maintin a full-on, front-to-front hug from you for more than 4 seconds... and then ask yourself why if she cannot. It may tell you something, especially if hugging is not a regular part of who you are together. To love is to hug, often... and to love is to be good just as we were created to be.

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