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January 14, 2010

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This is a follow up on the tip from yesterday about not seeing parts of our personality or behaviour.  If you don’t want to be this way, you need help.  The problem with finding our blind spots is, well, that we can’t see them.

If you really want to see yourself as others do, you have to open yourself up to hearing what others do see.  But be sure you do this with someone you trust. Make sure they don’t have an agenda, really care about you, and are sane and in touch with reality. Has that significantly narrowed your choices down?  If your bride makes the cut, she should be your first and foremost in this area.  A close same sex friend, especially one who sees you with your family, is also a good choice.

It’s also good if you can do the same for your bride – BUT ONLY IF SHE ASKS!!  And if she asks, be kind and loving with her.

The Generous Husband
The Generous Husband

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Hi Paul I received the above Tip in the same e-mail as yesterday's tip. When I read that this was a follow up to yesterdays tip, I went looking for it in my e-mail and did not find it until I scrolled down in this message. This receipt of two tips in the same e-mail has happened several times in the past. Just thought you should know. Skip

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