Little acts, big results

March 12, 2010

in Acts of Service

Have you ever argued with your bride about the toilet seat? You want it up, she wants it down – so why does she think you putting it down is reasonable, but her putting it up for you would be ridiculous?

I can’t answer that question, but I can tell you that always leaving it down for her is going to result in your bride feeling much better about you. The same goes for all those other “little things” she would like you to do.  Things like:

  • Getting your dirty clothes into the hamper or basket.
  • Wiping your feet.
  • Rinsing your dishes and leaving them where she would like them to be left.
  • Not leaving whatever you leave wherever it is you leave it.
  • Turning off a light – or leaving one on.
  • Closing drawers all the way.
  • Add your own here.

Why do these little things matter so much to her? I suspect the actions are not as important as what doing those things communicates to her. When you do these things, you’re telling her that you’ve heard her, and that she matters enough for you to remember and do what she likes. In other-words, you are communicating that you love and respect her. OTOH, regularly failing to do these small things says that she is not important – not even important enough to do a few little things.

Bottom line – while you may have a logical point about the toilet seat, you can’t win on the heart level.  Little things count in a big way with most women, so giving them more thought and effort will make life better for you in the long run.


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