What do you want/need from your bride?

June 9, 2010

in Understanding Her

Lori and I are putting out a cooperative post tonight. We are running two polls, asking men and women what they want and need from their spouse. The information will be collected anonymously, and then be made available to the public. Please try to be brief.

Click the link below that fits your gender:

What do you want/need from your wife?
What do you want/need from your husband?

This idea thanks to a friend who asks hard questions (you know who you are!)


I think the survey answers don't necessarily have to be for things our wives don't already do! My beautiful wife already does an amazing job in the areas I answered as my wants/needs from her.


I would love for her to make me "feel" loved in other ways when she can't have sex..Like rubbing oil or lubricant on me..That would be the only thing..

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