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February 9, 2011

in Marriage Killer

Blocking her way © Manwolste | Dreamstime.com

Are you putting obstacles in your bride’s life? If you are the kind of guy who intentionally limits your bride, you probably are not reading here, but is it possible you might be subconsciously working to block or limit her?

We tend to limit others due to our own fears. If she is too able, she might decide she does not need me. If she has too many friends, she might not want to spend time with me. If she is not bound up inside, she might see me for who I really am, and love me less.

Aside from being unloving and wrong, limiting your bride is not a good long-term strategy. Over time, people we limit come to resent us. They may not know why, but they will feel increasingly frustrated with us, and will not want to be with us. If you plan to be with her for the long haul, don’t put obstacles in her path.

Image Credit:  © Manwolste | Dreamstime.com


Some examples please. I'm sure I am doing this.

The Generous Husband
The Generous Husband

@Jason - All those who have been trying to get me to do shorter posts now hate you! ;-) I'll do more on this shortly.


Would have been nice to have a little more from this post. I feel like I might be doing this without knowing, and it would have been nice to know how to actually identify it and what to do about it. Maybe another day.

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