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April 13, 2011

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Angry Birds © ROVIO

On Monday my bride told the world that

My husband and I have been playing Angry Birds on our phones.  It’s amazing how a simple game can bring two people together.  We share helps, compare and compete and have been known to yell, ‘die scum pigs!‘”

It is amazing how sharing even something as silly as a Smartphone game can make a connection. Anything you both do, even if you don’t do it together, forms a link and makes an opening for discussion and connection. The more you share, the better.

  • Read the same book.
  • Read the same Bible passages.
  • Follow the same web site, blog, or twitter feed.
  • Play the same game.
  • Listen to the same radio shows.
  • Watch the same shows.
  • Share a hobby.

Other thoughts? Add in the comments.

I Am Husband
I Am Husband

It is amazing how much a shared anything can make you feel closer. My wife and I have a couple shows we have to watch together, and we *love* reading together. We don't get to do it often, but we love it.

Julie Sibert
Julie Sibert

Great post Paul! I would add... * Enjoy foods you both love * Explore local museums or galleries * Spend time together planning something fun to do with your kids * Work in the garden together * Discuss local events or news * Visit a bookstore together (while bookstores are still around!) * Savor the laughter you enjoy when you find the same things funny


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