Sex is like pepper …

May 14, 2011

in Sexuality

If you like pepper, and you start using a pepper grinder at home, odds are you will come to disdain the pre-ground stuff. Pre-ground is convenient, easier, faster, less messy … and devoid of most of the taste you get when you grind it as you use it.

Pepper and Grinder © Andrea Leone |

I think sex is a lot like this – if you want convenient, easy, fast, and low mess, you sacrifice most of the pleasure. Real sex, good sex, is not pre-packaged, easy, fast, or one-size-fits all. Real sex, the kind of sex that you think about the next day, the kind of sex that keeps you coming back for years and decades, is more work – but it’s so worth it!

Image Credit: © Andrea Leone |


Read the first line and thought this was going to be a manual sex technique...

Still, good post. <grin>

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