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October 13, 2011


Breast cancer scan © Sebastian Kaulitzki | Dreamstime.comOctober is breast cancer awareness month. Years ago, my bride got some strange looks when she was asked if she was doing monthly self-examinations, and she replied that I took care of it for her! However, jokes aside, you can do this for your bride, and you may actually be able to do a better job than she can do because you can better reach all areas with the same hand.

This video gives you good information without any breast nudity. The laying on her back part of the exam is more critical than when she is upright, as gravity helps to flatten the breast and make it easier to find lumps. The exam should be done at the same point in her menstrual cycle each month, as breast tissue changes throughout her cycle. I’d suggest ten to fourteen days before her period starts as this is a time when her breasts are the least tender. Having her raise her arm over her head (same arm as the breast you are checking) is important. You can also place a small pillow under her shoulder blade to make it easier – just do it the same exact way every time.

If a breast exam acts as foreplay for your bride, that’s fine, but don’t expect that. If it is likely to lead to sex, be sure it is done before any foreplay since arousal causes the breasts to swell, and that will change what you feel.

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Image Credit: © Sebastian Kaulitzki | Dreamstime.com

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Breast self examination will, at best, show a palpable lesion, which is already too big. The best is yearly mammogram, which may disclose small, impalpable lesios, much more curable.


hahaha this is the greatest thing I have heard of all week!

Darren Miller
Darren Miller

Hey Paul and Lori, This is absolutely great and informative advice. Women are often scared to examine themselves but if us guys encourage it and can help them out, it is great! In fact, I think it may be able to bring a couple closer together. Not only is the guy looking out for his missus' health but there is also a sense of connection and closeness. And what a bonus if sex follows!

TheGenerousHusband moderator

@JoaoArmandoCoelho The American Cancer Society currently recommends  mammograms starting at age 40 UNLESS the woman is high risk. For women under 40 a clinical breast exam is recommended every three years. And while self exams do have the limits you mention, they are still suggested monthly "But despite their limitations, they remain a very effective and valuable tool for decreasing suffering and death from breast cancer."

According to Johns Hopkins, 40% of breast cancer is found by self exams.



Not necessarily.  Plus doctors typically don't recommend mammograms until after age 40 unless something was found.  I have a friend who found a lump in her late 20s and it was treatable.  

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