Study says being generous is good for marriages

December 14, 2011

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Heart bowl overflowing © Boulanger Sandrine | Dreamstime.comA study just released by The National Marriage Project out of the University of Virginia is getting a lot of press with headlines like Generous couples have happier marriages, The Generous Marriage, and The Five Secrets of Happily Married Parents.

The short version of the study is that generosity makes for much better marriages, but good sex is even more important than generosity. Kind of feels like validation for me – what with fourteen years of ranting about sex and generosity!

I’ve downloaded the full report, and will be digesting it and tossing out some of the good bits over the next few days. The report is focused on parenting, but there’s a lot of great information on marriage. Now get in there and be sexually generous!

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Yes, good sex IS generosity! But aside from that, who would have ever thought that generosity would be good for marriages? Takes rocket scientists to figure that out, I suppose! Must have used a huge government grant to find that great wisdom!

Ol' Will
Ol' Will

"...but good sex is even more important than generosity." Good sex IS generosity.

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