Get away – you can’t afford not to.

January 26, 2012

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Motel 6 in Kerrville © Motel 6

Motel 6 Kerrville – 1987

This post, and those from the last several days, were written a week ago and set to auto publish. The reason for this is my bride and I have run away for a few days to celebrate our anniversary. Yes, we braved the pass in the snow just to get away together.

Paul and Lori with cake © Paul H. Byerly

Mexican Cruise 2002

I have often said you need to get away as a couple. Leave town – go anywhere, just get away together and reconnect. We have managed to do this every year on or near our anniversary. A couple of times we managed a cruise, and a couple of times it was a weekend in a cheap hotel a short drive from home. One year we really could not afford even that, but we sent the kids to their cousins, told folks we were doing our usually anniversary trip, unplugged the phone, covered the windows, and got out for only one meal over the weekend. But we still had time for just us. This year we are limited to where we can drive and a hotel on points earned for doing conferences. No big deal, we looked forward to it, and I know we are enjoying it.

Helicopter in the Grand Canyon © Paul H. Byerly

Grand Canyon – 2009

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Ric Cage
Ric Cage

Reselience FOR the couple AGAINST excuses for not doing so. Great choice and important decision to spare time together. Have fun!!


Amen Paul! I heartily agree! The "where" is never as important as the fact that we spend that time connecting with our spouse. August of this year will be 25 for us... not sure if we'll even be able to afford a 'happy meal' together, but whatever we do, WE WILL DO IT TOGETHER! Blessings!

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