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February 19, 2012

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My bride is almost done with a series on submission over on The Generous Wife (links below). There is a lot of good content in this series, and you may want to know how to get your bride there without sending here there yourself. Sorry, I can’t help you with that. I’d like to focus on what she posted today:

To guys who are reading this, please be a servant leader.  Model it, teach it, encourage other men to lay down their lives for their wives.  Be willing to have a “come to Jesus” talk with guys who are abusing their wives.  Don’t let this travesty continue. 

This is how marriages are saved and made better. We are very much influenced by those around us. Studies have found things like smoking and being overweight are influenced by those around us; how much more would marriage be changed, for better or worse, by those we hang with? Get out there and live your marriage as God intended, so others can see and do likewise. 

The other side of this is the accountability factor. In days long gone by people were all in each-others business, and abuse (of any form) was rarely hidden from those closest to you. Sometimes it was ignored, often it was not, but it was usually not as much of a secret as  today. In particular, families tended to hold members accountable; if a man was not caring for his bride as he should it is likely her male relatives would take him aside and educate him – possibly with a bit of violence. 

Now I’m not advocating a blanket party, but being willing to confront wrong behaviour is not only right and good, it’s something the Bible tells us to do with those who are part of the body of Christ. When a couple involved in a church divorces, I think the church needs to examine itself. If many marriages are failing in a church, something is wrong.

Before anyone tells me to stop picking on the men, please know the quote above from Lori ends with “And for the record, gals, there are husbands who are being abused by their wives.  We need to step up as well.” This is not on us as men; it’s on us a followers of Jesus.

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