Oppressively Optimistic?

September 20, 2012

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Let me start by admitting I am an extreme optimist. The glass is not half-full, it looks more like 53% … maybe 54%. Wait, I think it is getting fuller! Excuse me while I go get a bigger glass, I am definitely going to need a bigger glass soon!!

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My bride on the other hand is more normal. I would not call her pessimistic most of the time, but compared to me she looks like doom and gloom in a very pretty package.

I have discovered, far more slowly than I should have, that rabid jump up and down optimism can be a bit annoying to some folks. By some, I mean the 98.2% of the world who did not get rose coloured contacts installed from the factory. Sure, my optimism can help balance out a bit of pessimism, but it can also be downright difficult for others at times. If I make the mistake of thinking that I am right, for being optimistic, and that pessimism is wrong, then I become offensive. I have also learned that “spiritualising” optimism by calling it faith does not impress people, and calling pessimism a lack of faith does not help anyone (or make you friends).

If you are an optimist, and especially if you are an extreme optimist, understand that not everyone sees your outlook on life as a gift. Learn to use it to help and to balance, but do not beat people over the head with it. In particular, do not let your optimism become a thorn in your wife’s butt!


Would you like to save a bundle on the cost of heath care?

I first heard about The Health Co-op in January. In April I had a few of you help me examine it and think through it (thank you so much). The end of May my bride and I became members. Now, finally, I can share this with you, my readers. You can read more here, but the bottom line is that The Health Co-op is a Christian medical bill cost-sharing package. The program includes Samaritan Ministries, which has done medical bill sharing for two decades, but there is a lot more to it than that. It’s not insurance, but it can take the place of insurance in that it will help you pay medical bills above the first $300 per event. The program also gives you access to discount programs for dental, hearing, prescriptions and more, as well as a 24/7 teladoc service.

The beauty of this program is its cost – how about $428 a month for a two-parent family and all their minor children! This is huge! It could save you a lot of money, or, as it did for me, provide you with protection from big medical expenses for the first time in many years.

If you are interested, or just curious, the best way to learn about this is a webinar being done on Thursday evenings. It runs an hour, including some Q&A time. If you are interested, contract me via this form, or hit reply to this email, and let me know. I’ll get details out to you. Currently the webinar runs Thursday evening at 7 PM central time, starting Sept 27th. If you cannot make that time, but want information, I can answer basic questions and connect you with the experts if you like. If I get enough requests for another time, I will set that up.

Answers to a couple of obvious questions:

Q. Are you being paid for this?

A. I receive something for anyone who joins after hearing about this from me.

Q. What about the Affordable Care Act?

A. This program is approved by the Affordable Care Act – if you have this, you will not face any fines or taxes.

Q. Does this really work?

A. Yes! I have talked to people who have had huge medical bills taken care of this way.

I really believe in this approach to dealing with medical care and the potentially large bills that can come from it. I find this to be a logical, sane approach, as well as biblically solid and right. Potential money savings aside, I think this is how the body of Christ is supposed to help each other. I look forward to discussing this with some of you, and pray it will be a blessing to many.

Image Credit: © Chernetskiy | Dreamstime.com


I loved this! I am an optimist, bordering on CRAZY optimistic. I often look down on others who are pessimistic. I loved how you said that they have a lack of faith just because they're not optimistic. Great word!

J (Hot, Holy & Humorous)
J (Hot, Holy & Humorous)

I love that there are some great optimists in the world! I need them to balance out my natural pessimism. When something great happens, there's often this nagging feeling that something terrible is right around the corner to balance it out. LOL. Thankfully, I'm optimistic about the most important stuff--that God really can redeem relationships and that the faithful will live with Him forever. Loved your take on this, Paul!

Julie Sibert
Julie Sibert

I'm an optimist too Paul! This post is a good reminder that I need to use good discernment on this! Be blessed friend! You and Lori are the best!

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