9 Romantic Acts

October 9, 2012

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Romance is difficult for many men, as it seems there are no clear rules. I think of romance as an act of love that shows you were thinking about her when thinking of her when the two of you were apart. 

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Here are a few to get you going – try and then modify based on your results: 

  1. Flowers: Yes, it is one of the first things we think of when we think of romantic – which is the point.
  2. Candle light: Adding a candle to almost any event makes it more romantic. Candles in a glass container are safer and easier to store.
  3. A walk: Not just any walk, an evening walk in the neighbourhood where you dated, or some other place with good memories. A nice park works well too.
  4. Heart shaped sticky notes: Leave them around with words of love. Toss out a few once a week or so, some in obvious places, some not. 
  5. Breakfast in bed: Presentation is a big part of this: set a nice looking tray and include a flower.
  6. Remember those special days: This is basic, but critical. Set a reminder on your phone or computer, or try an on-line reminder service.
  7. Text her: Send a short love note, or just a “Thinking about you”. Do this often, but not on a set schedule. 
  8. Make eye contact: Good any time, but especially effective across a crowded room. Get her attention and then smile or wink.
  9. A love letter: Doing this right takes a fair amount of work, but its well worth it. More thoughts on this here and here.

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Kate S.
Kate S.

It is nice to know we wives are not out of sight out of mind.


Yes! Something I love is that my husband will call me periodically throughout the day when he's at work, simply to tell me that he loves me. It's always a very short phone call, no chit-chat; it's as though he just wants to hear my voice for a second. I call him usually twice a day to do the same thing for him - I don't want to call too much because he's at work, but I want him to know that I'm thinking about him too. <3 I find it to be one of the sweetest and most romantic things when he calls me from work, because I know he's thinking about me throughout the day. I'm really not "out of sight, out of mind." :)

Kate S.
Kate S.

Additionally, it is nice to know we aren't compartmentalized like every other thing in his life. A wife should be a part of all (or nearly all) of his compartments, not delegated to her own box that he only opens on his terms when he feels like it.

The Generous Husband
The Generous Husband

Kate S. - I get how women can feel slighted by the male tendency to live in various boxes. (I don't do that as much as most men, so I see it more clearly I think.) However, if he thinks that way, then his learning how to better love her in that way is a good and natural way to do it.

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