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November 13, 2012

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Some men seem to think their perceived reality is best for EVERYONE, and that God gave them a wife so she could benefit from having his reality imposed on her – with or without her agreement.

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For example – some husbands, who almost never cook, decide to rearrange the kitchen to make it “more efficient” for their bride. Never mind that how she has it works best for her, never mind that he does not understand her way or why she does it as she does, he knows best and she is going to do it his way.

Even if his way is more efficient, his actions are unloving and rude. At best, he is saying he is smarter than she is, and at worse, he is calling her stupid. Besides, humans do not react well to things imposed on them, and forcing his “better way” onto her all but ensures she will never like it.

Before you think, “I’ve never done that” realise that it is often more subtle. The way to ensure you are not doing this is to ask – and listen – and do not argue.

Bottom Line: “The best way” to do something is often going to be different from person to person. Efficiency is not a one size fits all thing, and claiming it is means you are making yourself the expert on the right way to do things … and no one loves that guy!

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Exactly right. My father actually did this to my mother when he retired from full time work. Accept he "organized" her entire kitchen for her one day while she was out of the house. Mom came home and saw what he had done - she never said a word. The next time he left for the day, Mom went out to his garage and "organized" every one of his tackle boxes. LOL. Dad never said a word - but he learned the lesson - big time!!!!


Ouch! That one leaves a mark! I have done just that and vigorously defended myself. Thanks for a gentle reminder.....


Love the bottom line, that's so true !!!

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