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November 25, 2012

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Today’s post is below the picture. First, my bride and I would like your help making Christmas gift giving a bit easier. 

Gift Idea Exchange:

Every year people lose their minds trying to come up with gift ideas for their spouse. This is a tragedy that should not happen!

In the interest of saving brain cells, my bride and I came up with the idea of creating a “gift idea” exchange.

I am asking for gift ideas for men (what do you want for Christmas?) and Lori will take those ideas to create a gift list for The Generous Wives.

In return, I will create a list of gift ideas for women from what Lori gathers from her generous ladies. 

So, if you would, please comment here or hit reply and email with ideas for gifts that you would like to receive. If you have a link to a specific item that would be helpful too, people can find it easier and we will monetize the link if possible.

The lists will be out in a few days, with additions as they come in We need YOUR help to make this happen! BTW, it is my hope that having a good idea what to buy will mean we buy less. I am not morally opposed to Christmas gifts, but going into debt to buy things people do not need does bother me! 


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I’ve mentioned before that I am a regular blood donor. I would have died shortly after birth if not for a full blood transfusion, so this is personal for me. Someone who never met me saved my life – and he or she will never know they did it. I have likely done the same for someone, and have certainly made many lives better by donating blood.

What would happen if Christians got very serious about donating blood? What if we could honestly say “If you received blood last year, the odds are high the blood came from a devout Christian?” What if blood banks knew the solution to a shortage was to call a half a dozen local churches – and prepare for an onslaught of donors? What if the first things non-Christians thought when they heard the word “Christian” was not “hypocrite” or “gay bashing” – what if their first thought was “Those people who give so much blood”?

I think there is historical precedent for something like this changing how the world thinks about those who follow Jesus. The Roman Empire suffered a number of plagues during the time of the early church. In the first of the big three, one-quarter to one-third the population of the empire died in fifteen years. People fled cities in panic, leaving behind the sick, the dying, and those who could not travel fast enough. The one exception was Christians, many of whom stayed to care not only for their own, but also for any who had need. They searched homes for the living and the dead, burying the latter and taking the former to a place for care. They baked and distributed bread to any who were hungry. They saved many lives, and gave comfort to the dying. Their actions did not go unnoticed by “the pagans”; many accepted Christ, and others stopped seeing the Christians as a problem, but rather as a good thing.

By the way, I mention this now because blood donations fall off between Thanksgiving and New Year’s. Step up and fill that gap! To give this a marriage twist, donate as a couple!

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Rob Nick
Rob Nick

For me it's something to create and the time to make it.


One year I didn't have any idea of what I wanted, so I asked my kids to buy me a goat. Not that I would receive the goat, but that it would be given to a family in a third-world country, so that they could milk it and make cheese. Other than that, for those of use who like to work with our hands, tools are always a welcome gift, if the bride in question can figure out what kinds of tools to buy for us (hint: ask his buddies). The other category that always seems to go over well with guys is gadgets, especially electronic ones. Anyone want the new iPad 3G?


Excellent idea about the blood donation thing. I faint like nobody's business, so I can't do it, but my husband could. :)


My wife and I are into books. That doesn't make it any easier though. Regarding donating blood; I read once that those that donate blood on a regular basis are less likely to go into shock if they suffer a loss of blood in an accident. Sadly, I have a condition that gives a false positive for Hepatitis. They can't use it so it just waists their time to take mine so I don't go anymore. I like your idea about church sponsorship. I will have to look into that.

James Meyer
James Meyer

My Christmas wish is to be debt free. It is too bad asking for money is frowned upon.


Cool! My son, who just turned 13, bought a goat out of the money he earned (I think from World Vision). He came up with it all by himself. Helping him do that (with my credit card) was probably one of the biggest gifts I have ever received.

The Generous Husband
The Generous Husband

Tony - Set up Amazon wish lists and give your spouse access. I'd not heard that about giving blood, it would be one more benefit.

The Generous Husband
The Generous Husband

James - A great wish! You can give far less and explain why. Those who get upset are folks who care more about what you give them than about you!


Ha ha, good one, you remembered! ;) Wish they actually served Tofurky in restaurants around here. They do have Gardein though, which is even better! Good way to cut the calories, for sure. My cholesterol went down 52 points when I went totally plant based a few years ago. :)

Rob Nick
Rob Nick

I had hepatitis and maleria as a child (my parents were full-time missionaries in central africa) so although I have been clear of both for years, they don't want to risk my blood just in case.


This year we opened up an Indiegogo account, and got many people to donate money towards us purchasing Rosetta Stone Spanish software for our homeschooled son. We got $353 dollars! So why not try to open up a Kickstarter or ChipIn account, or Indiegogo account? (There are different rules for each one.) Give a goal, and tell people in lieu of buying stuff for us, just chip in a few bucks here and there, and promise to pay your debt with it. You never know! :)


Rob. I have a similar situation. Several times spent hours waiting as they called through the administration ranks only to be told "Sorry, you are too recently returned from a high risk area. Come back in two years". Then two years later and after a long wait: "Sorry, you were born and grew up in a high risk area and so we can't use your blood". So, now that it is 20+ years later, maybe I should try again.

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