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December 5, 2012

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So yesterday’s post on giving included the word “debt”. That got me a bunch of spam comments for payday loans (NOT an aff link!). Just putting that word in my post caused spambots to show up to try to help people get into debt.

Spambot © Palto | Dreamstime.com

The world is like that – it will chase you down to offer you the things you are (or should be) fighting to avoid. Be it sexual sin, getting into debt, or eating more calories than you burn, it seems there is intelligence out that seeking out the best way to tempt you. Maybe we should say the devil roams around like a spambot, seeking whom he may tempt!

What does this have to do with marriage? Everything! I am convinced that Satan has a special hatred for marriage, and puts extra effort into destroying marriages. Just as the words I post on my blog alert spambots to a potential target, our words and actions can alert our enemy to the places where we are vulnerable.

When there are problems in your marriage (I say when because we all have rough spots) be aware that you are likely to face extra temptation in that area. Temptation can be as obvious as a great looking woman hitting on you, but it can also be as insidious as a friend giving you an opening to gripe about your wife. Be on your guard, and be ready to defend yourself.

BTW, if you run a blog, you can defend yourself from spam with Bad Behavior – a great WordPress plugin. I see only about 2% of the 3000 spam comments I get each week, as Bad Behavior deals with the rest. If we just had a marriage plug in that would block as much of the junk thrown at us!

THANKS to all who have helped us with our year-end giving push. (Email thank you notes going out tomorrow) We still have a good ways to go – if you can help with a one-off or recurring donation, click here.

Image Credit: © Palto | Dreamstime.com


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