Speaking of holiday gift giving…

If your bride is an Acts of Service gal, or a Quality time Lady, what she most wants is YOUR TIME. Touch certainly requires your time, and Words of Affirmation are better from you, or read by her with you there, than sent by email. Even Gifts are better when you are there with her as she opens them. In other words, she wants and needs more of you – more of your time. How she most wants that time varies, but she does want it.

Do you guard your time jealously? Do you guard it too much? If you do not give her enough time, and you cannot figure out how to give her more, you have a problem that is going to cause your marriage to starve and slowly die.

Coupons © Lftan & © Danka Lilly | dreamstime.com

If you are looking for a nice way to give “time” for Christmas, I suggest the coupons on The Marriage Bed web site. You can open the coupons in MS Word, add text, then print them out, or you can print the PDF files and add text by hand or by running through the printer a second time. Get creative and give her some promises of time (and then keep those promises!)

Shop to Give: I’ve added a number of web sites to the on-line shopping page, including several that ship to many countries. If you want specific gift ideas, check the Gifts for Her page.

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Image Credits: © Danka Lilly & © Lftan | dreamstime.com

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