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January 1, 2013

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I have shied away from top ten lists as they always seem to me to be a form of self-promotion (never mind I’ve been told I need to learn to self-promote more, sigh). Then twice this week I tweeted a top ten list and said “A great way to get to know this blog” and the second time I realised that when I find a new blog I look for a “most read” or “most popular” posts link. With that in mind, here is what was most read on the web site* this last year. This is the top 20, and is a mix of new posts, old posts, and articles. 

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Top ten posts made in 2012:

Pages/articles that made the top ten spot:
  • Orgasmic Massage – With 50% more hits than anything else, this article is the clear winner for most read of 2012. This is not just the “happy ending”, it’s a sensual overload that culminates with her having an orgasm.
  • Sexual Massage – A rewrite of an article from The Marriage Bed, this is more of massage as foreplay.
Posts from previous years:
And one tag page made the top 20 – the sex4her tag. Who says men are only about their pleasure?

*I have more reading by both RSS and email than on the web site. However, website reads are a good way of showing greatest interest.

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