Safe or brave?, a blog post done by my friend Jon Dale, is a nice fit with my Dream together, and live dreams together post from yesterday.

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Jon says there are two kinds of opportunities – safe ones and brave ones. Jon, who embodies the spirit of entrepreneurship, is talking about business opportunities, but what he says is true for the opportunities in our marriages as well. There is safe, and there is brave. Safe usually works out okay, while brave may not. However, safe rarely changes things, while brave opportunities are the ones that change your life and marriage for the rest of your life. Brave is also fun, as Jon points out.

Let’s go further; let’s talk about making opportunities. You can turn your dreams into opportunities. Safe dreams will become safe opportunities, while brave (or crazy) dreams become brave (or crazy) opportunities.

My opinion is that always going with the safe choice is boring and results in a life that gets smaller and smaller. Brave choices lead to an exciting life that keeps growing, and an exciting marriage that keeps growing. The biggest challenge is that we tend to marry someone who balances us. So, if you are all about brave, your wife is probably more geared towards safe (and vice versa). This can be a good thing, as it keeps the “most brave” among us from doing (too many) really crazy things. The trick for the “safe” spouse is to learn to be ballast, rather than an anchor.

If you are the safe one, loosen up a bit. Yes, it will be a wild ride, but it will be a great ride and it will be a ride that takes your marriage to some great places. If you are the brave one, understand that you scare her at times, and that she can be an important balance if you let her.

Have more brave dreams, and turn some of those into brave opportunities.

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