The other day I told a friend my new hobby was saying no.

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It is one of those things that just fell out of my mouth without me thinking about it first. (Always nice when those things do not get me in trouble!)

I said this because I have been saying no a lot more often when asked to do something. “Yes” is no longer my default answer and “I have nothing else to do “is no longer a good reason to say yes. (And,  the truth is I always have something else I could be doing.)

That said, my goal is not to say no, but to create margin, which allows me to say yes to what is really important. A friend needed to move in a hurry, and I was able to say yes to help less than 24 hours after the call. When a couple we hang with wanted to get together to play games and talk it was easy. When we get home from an evening meeting, I do not have work I have to finish. Margin has made a huge improvement in my life. I am less stressed, I am happier, and my marriage has benefited. Margin is good stuff!

Try saying no more often, so you can say yes to more of what really matters. Maybe no should be the new yes!

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I've become more of a NO gal myself lately. I've been thinking about Stephen Covey's 7 Habits of Highly Effective People and how I prioritize my time. Sometimes the priority has to be rest and rejuvenation--for myself, my marriage, my family. Margin is a great way to look at it. Nice hobby, Paul. :)

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