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April 29, 2013

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I’ve mentioned before I live by my To-Do list and calendar. If something isn’t on one of those, it is unlikely to happen. One of the daily items on my To-Do list is “TMC” – which stands for “Ten Minute Clean-up”.


TMC reminds me to do something around the house “for my wife”. I say for my wife because it only counts if it’s something I wouldn’t do for myself, or something she wants done I would put off if it were just me. TMC is not just cleaning; it could be putting up a shelf or changing light bulbs or any other such task. The most common thing I do is wash the dishes, but I do many other things. I don’t manage to do a TMC every day, but I do it most days.

What could/should you put on your calendar or To-Do list just to bless your wife? Daily clean up? Daily talk time? No strings cuddling three times a week?

I know someone is thinking, “If my wife knew I did that she would be insulted that I had to put it on a list to remember it”. The best way to deal with this is to avoid it – use an acronym or code word. If she does question you, tell her you care enough about her to make sure you do certain things, and this is how you make sure you do things. Then drop it.

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Every year I like to pick a random day and set a reminder to send my wife flowers at work for no reason.  It's good because it's not attached to any specific event and it's something I wouldn't think of naturally in the course of any given day.

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