What do U C as top relationship challenges for couples??

July 1, 2013

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Recently I was tweeted this question: “What do U C as top relationship challenges for couples??”

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My answer: “Too busy, too little sleep, and past injuries are root causes of lack of communication, lack of kindness, and lack of sex.”

How would you answer that question in 140 characters or less?

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Or maybe "Waiting for the other to change before you do. Not living out the Gospel."

Your answer was great, Paul! 

Joshua Waters
Joshua Waters

Wow. What an intriguing challenge:

"Sin, my own. It's always there, and I'm so slow to admit it's me. Stubbornness. Hardened hearts. Lack of communication. Busyness."

Great question. I love how it spurs us to think.


I like Paul Tripp’s analysis best:

“The true root of all marital conflict is the fact that marriage is war: war between the kingdom of self and the Kingdom of God.”

For His Glory (especially in marriage),


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