Drive Her Wild!

August 31, 2013

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A few ideas you might want to try in bed:

  • Prolong foreplay until she is on the verge of climax, and then have intercourse.
  • Get her to be on top, with a small vibrator between her clitoris and your pubic bone. Have the control in your hand, and when she climaxes pulse it from low to high.
  • Bring her to climax orally or manually. When you would normally stop stimulating, back off a bit, and then increase stimulation. Don’t give her too much. This can prolong her climax or move her to another one.
  • Try a gel designed to make her more sensitive. I’ve been sceptical of these, but have heard enough women say they are great that I think it is worth a try. Try a small bit first to make sure there is no bad reaction. Zestra is one such product that gets good marks.

Each of these will be a big hit with some women, no big deal with others, and a total bust with some. Odds are at least one will do something nice for her.

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Great ideas, I think slower and drawn out at the beginning is better for most ladies, most of the time.  If she is in a hurry because she is ready she will let you know!!


I'm surprised you've never mentioned the Hitachi Magic Wand. It is non-sexual in shape and packaging, but famously many women's most favorite toy. It can be used during sex so my wife can be like a man in that she can control exactly when she has an orgasm. It can be as quick as 2 minutes if she wants it that fast.

TheGenerousHusband moderator

@carltonh Many women do love the Magic Wand. Not all, but many. It is a heavy duty plugin vibrator, and the frequency of the vibrations are what make the difference. 

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