10 Sure Ways to Make Arguments Worse!

September 18, 2013

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Here are some easy ways to make arguments worse. (Alternatively, do the opposite if you want things to go better!)

Argue! © artur84 | freedigitalphotos.net

  1. Blame her emotions: Why assume she might have thought things out?
  2. Blame her hormones: She’s a woman, what else would it be?
  3. Ask “why”?: This feels confrontational and is likely to get her emotions involved.
  4. Bring up other, unrelated issues: Because nothing escalates a fight like adding other problems to it.
  5. Interrupt and finish her sentences: Show her how little you think of her, and she may just give up.
  6. Raise your voice: Who needs facts when their voice is louder!
  7. Use sarcasm: A good way to offend most women.
  8. Crowd her: Intimidation is a sure way to win, right?
  9. Use phrases like “You never” and “I always”: Because nothing makes a point like exaggerating it!
  10. Ignore her: She’ll give up eventually, right?

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Image Credit: © artur84 | freedigitalphotos.net

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Those would be excellent points 1 and 2. Perhaps GW will post it on her site for women.


If you take away 1 and 2 you could easily make a great post for women. Good communication is universal and often in short supply on both sides during an argument. Good reminder, thanks.


@hiswifeagain If I were to rewrite 1 and 2 for women, I'd say...

1. Determine his intentions for yourself.  Telling him what he was trying to achieve by the action that offended you is always more accurate and saves time in the argument.

2. Assign his motivations to him. Closely related to #1, not only can you divine what he was going for, you can also determine what he was thinking and feeling when he embarked on this offending journey.

It's always easier to win the argument when you control which information is allowable from the outset.

TheGenerousHusband moderator

@hiswifeagain I'd probably change a couple others, not that women don't do them, but there are other things women more commonly do.

Might do it for a XY code post.


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