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September 19, 2013

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In Can the “Novelty Habit” Boost a Couple’s Commitment?, Meg Selig mentions a couple of studies which indicate couples who experience new and exciting things together, and those who change and grow together, have stronger relationships than those who don’t share such experiences. This fits well with studies I’ve mentioned in the past that found people get more pleasure from experiences than they do from things.

I’ve always felt mentally we’re either growing or shrinking mentally; standing still is actually losing ground. I feel the same way about marriage, which I’ve described as a journey up the down escalator.

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Are you growing? Are you learning new things? Are you doing new things? Are you experiencing new adventures? Are you doing all these with your wife? If not, your marriage is shrinking.


A plea of a different sort: The following is from my friend Maurice Smith (blog here). He is talking about a local Spokane ministry, but the same thing is happening in cities around the country. Can you help a local shelter or food bank? Or, give a bit to help the ministry mentioned?

Saving Truth Ministries. My friends, Marty & Julie McKinney, have been serving the homeless in our city for 10 years now. They run a Men’s Homeless Shelter called Truth Ministries. Every night some 50 men seek shelter there. They live by faith (no salary) and run the shelter on donations. I serve on their board. The past couple of years have been extremely tough for these types of ministries, with donations down dramatically and churches retrenching into their own programs. Without a substantial cash infusion the shelter may have to close October 1. If you believe in Jesus’ admonitions to serve “the least of these” in Matthew 25, this is your opportunity to make a difference. If you want to read a bit more about their ministry, I have included an article in this newsletter below. You can visit their Facebook page here or click here to make a donation. Your help would be appreciated.

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My wife and I started dating at the age of 16, so in many ways, we have grown up together.  So many experiences that shaped us have happened while we were dating, engaged, or married that our lives are forever intertwined, and we continue to grow and experience new things together.

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