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October 6, 2013

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Early on in my marriage, I assumed it was my job to correct and fix my wife in every possible way. I failed to see the gross arrogance of this. I was the head and that must mean I was smarter and wiser. I wouldn’t actually have said I was smarter or wiser had someone asked, but somehow I still thought being the head both qualified and required me to fix my wife.

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Today I would say I am sometimes part of what God uses to correct and fix my wife. My greatest challenge is knowing when to do or say something, and when to get out of the way so God can do His thing. I realise I’ve often interfered with God’s plans for my wife because of my arrogance, fear, selfishness, or just plain cluelessness.

It’s God’s job to grow up my wife, and He can do it far, far better than I can. What’s more, if I get involved when I shouldn’t, I give her an excuse for not hearing or following God.

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Great tweet of the week:

Normal healthy #relationships go through three stages: falling in, falling out and falling back in love. #sexplanation @AskLaurieWatson

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I think you are write when you say the hard part is knowing when to help and knowing when not to help.  If you get that one figured out, please let me know, I need to get a better grasp on it.

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Romance Man @


 You bring back such vivid memories! Without all the details, I tried desperately over several weeks to eliminate a lot of my wife's pain at her work place. Time after time she poured out her heart and of course, I responded in typical "guy" style.  After she had had enough one particular time, she looked at me and said in an obviously agitated state, "Why don't you listen to me!"   I have to tell you I was devastated. My heart is to help but I did it in my way, not what she needed. In our marriage seminars, my wife and I have role played that scene numerous times for the audience. Always the guys are right in line on line with me and the wives are completely understanding of Elaine.  Then we turn the tables and ask them, "What did Jerry do wrong?" The guys answer, "Nothing!" and the women roll their eyes and make some remark about the whole "MEN!" gender.

We use this as a great opportunity to open up dialogue between husbands and wives on why men try to "fix" and women only want to "talk" their problems out.

Thank you for the reminder!


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