Be Her Black Friday Support Crew

November 29, 2013

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If your wife is participating in Black Friday I feel your pain, and I pray you’ve managed to avoid the front lines. However, you can do things to make her day better:

  • Watch the kids. Do it well, and have the house decent when she drags home.
  • Have a good dinner ready for her, and choose something you can have ready or reheat when she gets in. (Simple is fine, take out is fine.)
  • Run her a bath and let her soak for a very long time.
  • Bring her a cup of tea, or something stronger, depending on her tastes.
  • Massage her feet until she asks you to stop or falls asleep.
  • Listen as she recounts her great buys and shopping victories.

Even if you think it’s silly to go shopping on Black Friday (or maybe especially if you think it’s silly), don’t put her down if she feels it’s important or fun. You could enjoy teasing her, but supporting her will bring you both better returns in the long run.

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You said nothing about just simply going with her. I have gone shopping with my wife for most of our marriage (20 years in July). It drives my little introverted mind to the limits of sanity. It wears me out physically and emotionally. But I love the time we do have together. It becomes a "mission" date. We each go our own ways and celebrate the little victory of meeting our objectives.

Plus there is the simple fact of getting to go out to eat together (a couple of meals usually). 

TheGenerousHusband moderator

@ToddBergman Certainly an act of service, and an option for some men. Others are unable or unwilling to not get bored and grumpy, and for those men not going is better for the marriage.

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