Christmas Love Letter

December 18, 2013

in Intimacy, Words of Affirmation

I have often mentioned a well-written letter from the heart is a great gift for almost any wife. This is not limited to those whose love language is words of affirmation; most women will feel deeply loved by a Christmas Love Letter.

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The goal is to tell her how wonderful you think she is. Thank her for the ways she has blessed you this year, and admire her for the things she has done for others. Give her credit for making an effort even when the results may have fallen short of what she wanted. Tell her she is the only one for you, and being with her is better than any gift she could buy. Tell her you are looking forward to another year with her and to growing old together. Tell her she deserves better from you, and you’re working on it.

Unless you have a great sex life and she’s very much into it, I’d avoid the topic or make one passing reference. You want to praise and thank her, not challenge, or hint at what she could do better. Make it all about how great you think she is.

If you’ve never done this, try it. Spend some serious time on it; don’t just bang it out in one sitting. Unless you have great penmanship, I’d suggest you print it out. A page is great, much longer is too much, and half a page is too short. Give it to her when she’ll have time to read it and cry a bit. Leave it on her pillow, or if you live alone put it by the coffee so she’ll see it in the morning. An unsealed envelope with her name handwritten on the front is a nice touch. 

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This is some really good adviice on how to write an intimate letter to someone you love-anyone, not just your wife. Sounds to me like you've done this one or two times!

There is someone else, though, that will receive a benefit from doing this- the letter writer. "Count your blessings, name them one by one, is how the old hymn put it. For it is for us, for our hearts, that our LORD expects us to be thankful in all things.


I have given my wife a love letter for Christmas every year since 2008, when we were in such financial distress that we could barely afford gifts for our kids and couldn't afford anything for each other. We scraped up enough to give each other a couple of small items, but she told me that all she really wanted was a love letter. So that's what I did - wrote her a love letter and stuffed it in the tree, and it has been my tradition ever since. No matter what items and stuff she gets for Christmas, her favorite is always a letter from her husband.

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