Silent Night

December 24, 2013

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Make a moment with your wife tonight after everything is done. Sit on the couch by the tree, cozy up by the fire, or snuggle into bed together. Rub her shoulders, feet, or back. Give her a long hug and tell her why she is your favourite gift. Say a prayer for whatever craziness you face in the morning, and ask her how you can help her to enjoy the day.

 Couple on couch © Adam Borkowski |

A very merry Christmas from me to you, your bride, and your family. May the love of our Saviour be seen in your marriage.

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Image Credit: © Adam Borkowski |

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I liked your post so much that I used it today in my blog. Thank you for all you do to help men become better husbands!  I truly hope men will take to heart what you said and be a great encouragement to their wives.  

Have a great holiday season way into the new year.   

The Best Is Yet To Be!!!

--  Jerry 

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