January 30, 2014

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Valentine’s Day is just over two weeks away.

I know a lot of guys dislike Valentine’s. Some think it is too commercial, some think it is just for women, some feel they can’t get it right no matter what they do. I get all that, but unless your bride has clearly told you she doesn’t care about the day, I’d do something.

I’ve written a good deal about Valentine’s in the past, so I’m going to make this a resource post with links to other posts. Below that, I have some shopping links if you’re so inclined. Most of the links are affiliates, so if you use them I get a bit of money out of the deal.

Please add your ideas and success stories in the comments!

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  • If you want to give flowers, you will find great prices here.
  • Ghirardelli Chocolate The 5 star chocolate!
  • Sharie’s Berries A special way to give sweets to your sweet.
  • red ENVELOPE A variety of very nice gifts, including items that can be personalised. 
  • – Find a deal on a Valentine’s meal out.
  • My M&Ms Now doing images on M&M’s (but still only taking G-rated content).
  • Victorias Secret Buy her something, or get her a gift card so she can get something she likes. Be aware the site shows plenty of skin.
  • Amazon Has pretty much everything, including sex toys and lingerie. No nudity, but often close.
  • Message in a bottle supplies.
  •  Buy or shop for price before you hit the mall.

Links may be monetised
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Joshua Belyeu
Joshua Belyeu

Valentine's Day always sucks for me. I'm not married, and the one relationship I ever had ended terribly several years ago. I still love her immensely, but she's indifferent to me now...and every time I see Valentine's decorations, I want to scream and cuss my head off like crazy. I've struggled with hate and fear most of my life, and though I truly love God, constantly being reminded of what I can't have is a nightmare. Please pray for me; I don't know what the right thing is to do. Thanks.


Great post with lots of ideas.

The one I would add is time!  Two ways, first schedule to spend extra time with your wife to show her that you love her more than any work or side activity.  Second, Spend the time in advance to use one of Paul's suggestions and make this day very special for your wife. Invest some time to show her that you have thought this out. It is especially important if your romance skills need some help. And it is not always the "big" things you do. Make it about her. 

If we can help a bit, go over to     to get a few more suggestions.

However, Paul gave you some great ways to enhance this special day!

Thanks Paul!

TheGenerousHusband moderator

@Joshua Belyeu  I have been praying for you. I want to see you free from the past so you can walk into the future God has for you. Hang in there!

Joshua Belyeu
Joshua Belyeu

@TheGenerousHusband Thank you; its so hard to believe that God personally loves me, when so few people in my life have shown consistent grace or appreciation.

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