Are You Too Busy to be Nice?

February 7, 2014

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Today’s TMB Marriage Tweet (@themarriagebed) was:

Ever notice kindness & busyness tend to be mutually exclusive? Are you too busy to be kind?

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It is easy to be kind when you have plenty of time. Being kind takes intentionality when you are busy. If you are noticeably less kind to your wife when you are busy, you are communicating to her she is not really that important to you. If that is not the message you want her to get, you will need to be intentional about being kind when you are busy.


This week’s survey, Married Masturbation, is an updated rerun of a popular 2012 survey. Do you? How often? Why?

Last week’s survey, for which we would like more data, was Sex: How often? The anonymous survey asked how often you have sex, and how often you would like to have sex.

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Image Credit: © David Castillo Dominici |

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