Coming to a Location Near You in 2015?

March 18, 2014

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Would you be interested in a small local weekend marriage event? We may be able to offer that next year.

For at least a decade, Lori and I have talked about taking our generous marriage show on the road… someday. The last few months we’ve been feeling someday is rather soon. The plan is to sell our home, get an RV, and travel the county. In addition to writing, visiting, and enjoying the sights, we would do a number of small meetings, and maybe a few larger ones.

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We’ve been having fun doing research and talking to those who have experience doing what we want to do. There is a great deal to consider and do, but we think 2015 may be the year we start.

Please pray for us! We want to hear God and do what He wants when and how He wants. If you have first-hand information that might help us, please contact me. (If you have an RV you would like to donate please contact me!  :mrgreen: )

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I know you are in the North West, but if you make it to the South East I would love to put a weekend group of like minded couples together for a marriage retreat. I have a very nice little beach house in Atlantic Beach North Carolina that you all are welcome to stay at for a week and my lovely wife and I, plus some other couples could join you for a weekend.

God bless you for all your help and hard work, I know this is an anonymous form of communication but please realize you are helping a lot of people.


Do you have RV experience? Which type - fifth wheel or motor home and which type class A, B or C?  If you have not traveled for an extended period of time together on the road, be sure you try it prior to selling your personal belongings.

We have RV'ed for many years and there are certainly differences between the fifth wheel we have now and the motor coaches we had when the kids were at home.

To travel over this wonderful land is a grand experience, just make great plans, have good insurance and enjoy!

I will be praying for your adventure.

Are you going to do a separate "journal" of your experiences? 

Hope you can make it to PA!

Always Expect The Best For Your Marriage!!!   -- Jerry

Nathan N.
Nathan N.

I am excited for you two. It sounds like new shared adventures ahead of you.

TheGenerousHusband moderator

@3minuterule Thanks for the kind words and the offer. If all goes as planned (when does that ever happen) we will be in your area spring of 2016.

TheGenerousHusband moderator

@CrackingTheRomanceCode  We have friends who have done it, including a full time family who used us as a base for a few years. Spent a few nights in one, nothing long term. We spent several years in two small rooms of a small house, and a month in a minivan with two teenage boys so I know we can do tight. We've done a couple of long road trips, and we love it.

Doing a LOT of research now, including talking to those who have done it.

I am leaning towards a trailer. Don't want the motor in the home - if it has to go to the shop you have no house! We will be doing a good deal of travel, so size and ease of movement is a factor.

Have to put a full office into it, so some refitting will be necessary. I'd love to find an old airstream and customise it.

Yes, we will have a separate blog for the adventure. 

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