7 Awesome Things I Love About Being a Married Man

March 20, 2014

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Recently BlackandMarriedWithKids.com posted 4 Awesome Things I Love About Being a Married Man. I like the idea, so I am going to do my own and encourage other marriage bloggers to do likewise.


If we pay attention, marriage shows us where we’re messed up. I want to grow up. I want to be better. Being married helps me see where I need to work on myself. Beyond how marriage shows me my stuff, my wife helps me in a loving and gracious way. She encourages, nudges, and challenges me to be the man God created me to be. This is true in all areas, including my spiritual walk. I’m a much, much better man because of my wife.

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A Best Friend

God said it’s not good for Paul to be alone! My wife is a friend like no other. We live our lives together because we want to. There is no one with whom I would rather share a meal, a movie, or a sunset.

Someone to Share My Life With

As an extrovert, I need to share what I’m thinking. I thank God for a woman who understands this and lets me talk. We share our hopes and fears, our triumphs and defeats. When I have good news she’s the person I most want to tell. When I have bad news she’s the one who helps me feel better. A great part of sharing life with my wife is dreaming together. Some of our dreams will never come true, but we still enjoy living the fantasy together. Life is an adventure, and adventures are more fun when you share them. 

Sharing the Load

Two together can live more cheaply than two alone, and two can take care of the necessities more efficiently than individuals. The fun stuff is more fun, and the less than fun stuff gets finished more quickly. A good marriage is an exercise in efficiency.

Being Fully Known

Over the years, we’ve fully exposed ourselves to each other. She knows my weakness and fears. She knows my sins both past and current. She knows my struggles. Despite all that, she loves me. I’m fully known and yet still accepted. What a healing gift!


Of course, sex is awesome, and having someone you love to do it with is great. But there’s more to it. A man’s sex drive can be a major annoyance, distraction, and temptation. All that is gone because my wife understands my need and is proactive about being there for me. The best part is exploring how much God packed into sex. The depth of intimacy, the way it connects us, and the way it changes how I see the world. As we approach 30 years of sex together, we are still finding new levels of enjoyment.

Feeling Complete

God didn’t make me to be single; He designed me to be married. I could not be all He intended without a wonderful, loving wife. More than a year before Lori and I married I developed a deep desire to be married. I believe God put that desire in me to move me in the direction I needed to go. What a blessing to be one with a godly woman!

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People, let me tell you about my best friend! I call her, “My Molly Girl” because despite her age, which is less than my 53 years, she is still delightfully girlish; that is, she still laughs loudly and giggles at the silliest things. She is always looking for that something humorous in everything. This counterbalances my own tendency to be analytical, detailed and fact oriented. (Read:‘boring’). Our dinner conversations about our day, which we have almost every day, and at breakfast, are filled with talk of the happy and the melancholy or the angering events that came from that day. We work through any issues between us easily because that is what is in our hearts desire to do just so we can go back to feeling good about ourselves and about the other.

She calls me, “My Beautiful Husband”. She says my heart is good and wise. She says that she feels free to be herself around me and that she is very glad that she can talk about anything with me. She says she loves me because she doesn’t have to remind me to take out the trash or ask me to do the dishes or the laundry. In fact we don’t squabble- not at all.

We go grocery shopping together just as excitedly as if we were going on a picnic or a road trip- our favorite thing to do-always. Well, besides camping. She never lets me get away with failing to notice something good she did and so I look for those things just so I can thank her for them, just as she does for me. I think we say “Thank you” at least as much as we say “I love you.”

Sex is sexy. Sometimes we will put the “X” in sex and laugh for the fun of it and sometimes we will just intermingle and entwine our souls as we look into each other’s eyes. Either way is good.

Drama, yelling, short tempers and those pesky, debilitating misunderstandings from the blindness of self-centeredness that bruise more immature egos, are non-existent in our marriage. Seriously, we would make a lousy study for a T.V. drama. Boring is what we are; at least from that place of living. But, we are also happy and pleased to be ourselves because when we look into the other’s eyes as we kiss, which is often, we see the easy love that is there. And for seeing that, we also see ourselves through the other’s eyes and we like what we see. I do so love being human.

Thanks’, Paul, for opening this golden opportunity for me to brag on my own love. I hope that more and more will be able to do the same for the good work you and Lori are doing.

Keep on being good! It is, after all, what we were created to be!


Amen Paul. I can relate to all those.


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