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March 27, 2014

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If you have been reading this blog for a long time you have (I hope) seen a steady improvement in my writing skills. If you’re a grammar nazi you have probably noticed I done gotten alot gooder the last few months.

Initially, I didn’t put much work into proofreading. (So sorry!) I greatly overestimated the quality of my writing, and I underestimated the way poor writing affected my ability to share my message. I’ have been actively working to improve the last few years, and I put it into overdrive the start of this year. I write, then I proofread and edit. Then Lori checks it and I edit it again. Then I run it through a couple of tools to find errors and questionable usage.   

Draft and Final © Stuart Miles | freedigitalphotos.net

Aside from turning out better writing, this has made me much more aware of language use in general. I notice it when I write comments and other short, simple content. I also notice more errors in others’ writing.

What does this have to do with marriage? When you focus on improving something, you become more aware of that thing. You’re more aware of your errors and failings. It starts to matter more to you and you develop a stronger desire to get it right. When you work hard on improving something you can make big changes quickly. Apply this to your marriage and watch it grow and bloom!

One other application. Since I started focusing on my writing, I am finding more errors in Lori’s writing. (Although still not nearly as many as I make!) She’s not making more errors, I’m just better at seeing them. It would be easy to get frustrated with her or look down on her. I could let my growth be a negative for her. 


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I got to the part about where you said "If you are a grammar nazi you have probably noticed I done gotten alot"-- And I was about to say "Gah! No!  You can't have a mistake like "alot" in THAT sentence!" Then I read "gooder" and I was like "I see what you did there."  It was only after rereading it that I even saw the "done gotten" part.  And I guess that's kind of in line with your point here.  When you turn on Diligence Mode, you notice more that should have been fixed the whole time. 

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