Friday Flashback: Gift Savings Account

March 28, 2014

in Acts of Service, Gifts

If money is tight, or if you want to get her something expensive, sacrifice a bit. Find something to give up or cut back on and bank the money you save to buy her something.

Piggy Bank © Alexei Poselenov |

  • One less coffee a day
  • A couple less soda
  • Take a lunch to work
  • Have another idea? Leave a comment.

[This post originally appeared March 3rd, 2009]

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Image Credit: © Alexei Poselenov |

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My wife & I have a wine carafe that we shared during one of our anniversaries- It is surprising how much loose change will fit into one of those!

We call it "our toy money"  :-)   


If you smoke, smoke a lot less or quit all together and save that money. If you drink, same thing. If you live close enough to work, ride a bike. If you pay to have your lawn mowed, do it yourself, etc...


-Ditch cable TV. It's expensive and a time suck from what really matters.

-Borrow movies from local library, don't buy or rent them.

-Cook at home, don't eat out for dinner except maybe once a week. Set a monthly limit- as per Dave Ramsey- and don't exceed it.

-Buy clothes, electronics, etc. in gently used condition from second hand stores, eBay, craigslist

-Work up a budget to actually see where your money is going. You'd be surprised to see how much you spend on different things.

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