Is Your Intimate Life Properly Covered?

October 19, 2016

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I’m all for PDAs (public displays of affection) by married couples, but only to a point.

Is Your Intimate Life Properly Covered?

Showing affection publicaly is a powerful way to show others that marriage can be good. But taken too far it makes people uncomfortable. Taken way too far it becomes exhibitionistic and puts others in the uncomfortable place of feeling like a voyeur. 

Every situation is different. What you do at church should differ from what you do when you’re out with friends. The makeup of those who see you matter too; don’t cause problems for singles who may be struggling with their desire to be in an intimate relationship. 

Then there’s the special case of showing affection at home in front of your children. If you’re appropriately open from before they have a clue it’s easier, but you will still get some comments when they hit puberty. Don’t let the comments stop you, it shows they’re getting the message. As much as they protest, they’re secretly happy their parents so clearly love each other.

Are you open enough about marital affection around others? Are you too open? Have you ever discussed this with your wife?

CMBA challenge This post is part of a Christian Marriage Bloggers Assoc. writing challenge. We were given this photo (by Kate of Kate Aldrich Photography and One Flesh Marriage) and asked to write a post about it.

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