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November 29, 2012

This list of gifts is based on what women on The Generous Wife have suggested, with a few additions or specific suggestion added by Lori and me. Many of the links are monetised, so using them will help us. Where possible, links are to a search page for the item listed. 

Many merchants allow you to create “wish lists.” (Amazon for example) Check to see if a wish list is public or private (usually you can do either) or can be seen by a limited group of people.

There are many holiday specials (shop on-line at your favourite stores) and great coupon deals through companies like Groupon.

Chocolate © Suat Eman | Chocolate!  

Dark, handmade, etc. (try GodivaRomanicos Chocolate, Sees Candies, or personalise some M&Ms)



  • Kobo
  • Nook
  • Kindle – I got Lori a Kindle early on and she loved it. Then she won a newer version and gave me her old one, and I love it too. If you read a lot, this will likely pay for itself in lower book costs. It will also save a lot of bookshelf space and make your carry-on luggage lighter! Prices have dropped, and power has improved, so you can get a great reader for very little money

     books (try Amazon or Barnes & Noble – links to gift cards)

  • by favourite author 
  • on favourite subject (fiction, non-fiction, interests, hobbies)
  • that you are willing to read and discuss with your wife
  • study Bible
  • daily devotional book

Gift Cards (you could make a book of gift cards) (links below are to gift card page)

Couple Time/Entertainment (note there was a theme of “please set up childcare”!)

  • Planned getaways, overnight stay at a nice hotel or B&B by the beach (plan the details, especially childcare)
  • DVDs (Pride and PredjudiceWives and Daughters, Downton Abbey)
  • Tickets for an off Broadway show, concert, sports event, play
  • frozen yogurt place
  • gift certificate to your favourite restaurant (check
  • tickets for a special outing like a harbour cruise dinner or hot air balloon ride
  • monetary gifts planned together (to someone who is needy, sponsor a child, etc.)
  • a trip to a shooting range
  • a “one date night of your choice” coupon
  • a “date night” package – cozy socks, hot cocoa, cute mugs, and a movie for a date night in
  • Take me on a day’s shopping spree, have a cup of coffee, nice lunch, and shop, shop, shop 

Services (Make your own coupons here for free)

  • foot massages
  • babysitting
  • help with particular chore
  • a quiet night to herself would be a great gift for any woman
  • “I’ll make dinner” coupons

Misc. Items

Clothing et. al.



  • capo for guitar
  • music books
  • gift card to Joann Fabrics
  • items for the hobbies including “consumable supplies” needle threaders, safety pins, etc.
  • subscription to sewing or needlecraft magazine (try
  • find a class and arrange babysitting for her
  • sewing basket
  • sewing machine fixed or replaced


  • a love letter (handwritten)
  • love coupons
  • sexy letters
  • lingerie, Victoria’s Secret items
  • make love kit – massage oil, lubricant, position guide, etc.

Home and Garden


  • slippers, throw blankets, or pillows
  • her favourite perfume
  • body and bath items, Bath and Body gift card
  • spa or salon gift cards
  • several massage gift cards  :)
  • gift certificate to have car washed
  • pedicure or facial gift cards
  • plan a get together (or getaway) for your wife and her friends (plan it with their husbands)
  • colour analysis workshop (where you learn what colours work for you) 

Links may be monetised
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Lee Ann
Lee Ann

This is a very nice list of gift ideas, most of which I would enjoy receiving from my own generous husband. :-) I just have a couple of comments. If you plan to buy a book for your wife, please check your locally owned bookstore first. A good bookstore is such a valuable resource for any community, and you'll find wonderful personalized service and suggestions there that you can't get from a chain or online. If you plan to buy your wife a small appliance as a holiday gift, please make sure it is something she really wants, and that she is the kind of woman who will appreciate that kind of present. I've been thrilled to receive these gifts, because I've asked him for them specifically, but some wives prefer perfume, jewelry, etc. Not every woman thinks of a kitchen "power tool" as a wonderful present! :-D


ps: you'll want to create your own account to order it, though, so it doesn't ruin the surprise and email her "order placed" message


another kind of sneaky idea is to go on if the computer is still logged into her account and look at items she has "favorited" -- this site sells all kinds of unique handmade items and if your wife is anything like me there are a ton of things I love but wouldn't necessarily spend money on myself like that. Gifts (in my opinion) are all about little luxuries -- splurging just a little with your time, money, and/or effort to bring someone you love joy.


My husband - who tends to be more practical and logical about gift giving - always writes me haiku. I love this trend because it allows him to be creative and funny and also work within certain rules/guidelines so having that structure makes more sense for him than free-flowing prose. If I ask him to write me a letter he gets "stuck" and doesn't feel like he has enough to say. For mother’s day he gifted me with a full detail of my car. Best. Gift. Ever. Portland is full of creative, cool people making their living with art. I love it when he finds locally made nerdy gifts for me, or buys me original art from my favorite visual artists (he knows who they are because I talk about them). Going to a classical concert or musical with me is a big gift since he doesn’t usually enjoy or “get” that form of entertainment. I have always wanted a surprise dinner out at a funky restaurant in the middle of the week after a rough day: “forget what you made, honey… I called the babysitter.” I actually fantasize about this happening someday but I don’t tell him because it would be so much more special if he did it on his own volition. I should tell him, though -- since I have such a specific idea of how that could work. This year he is gifting me with a photo session with my son by one of my favorite professional photographers. Good photography is kind of spendy, but always worth it. I'll be so thankful for this gift in future years.