Quality Time Requirements

July 18, 2016

A lot of wives are hurting from a lack of quality time with their husband. What does it take to have quality time? First, you have to have time together. In some ways quality time is like sex; she doesn’t get much from a quickie. She needs to warm up, enter in, enjoy, and linger. […]

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May I Pray for Your Marriage?

July 17, 2016

Two years ago I asked you if I could pray for your marriages. A couple of months later I asked the ladies on The XY Code the same thing. I had 170 folks take me up on that offer, submitting anonymous prayer requests. I put the requests on my phone and prayed for them for about […]

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Let’s Play

July 16, 2016

Once when Lori and I had tried something a bit different in bed she later referred to it as “playing”.  I like the idea of playing sexually. It’s exploring your sexuality in a new way. It’s an experiment, and you learn something from it regardless of how it turns out. There’s no pressure and no […]

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Friday Flashback: Take Me Away!

July 15, 2016

I find it amazing what happens when we “get away from home” – be it a week at some far away destination, or 20 minutes at the park down the street. When we’re home there’s always something to do, something that demands we not stop and rest. This makes it difficult to relax, and difficult […]

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Balance and Order: Less is More

July 14, 2016

I’ve always struggled with balance and order. I’m all for them in theory, but I’m an all or nothing personality and that makes balance and order difficult things. I tend to go from doing one thing full out to doing another full out… with the leftovers of the first thing falling wherever.  Living in an […]

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Male Privilege

July 13, 2016

The other day Lori was describing to me a frustration many women experience and I identified the problem as “male privilege”. She immediately agreed this was the root issue.  Male privilege is like white privilege – those who have it don’t see it because it’s how their life has always been. In addition to not seeing […]

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Wife Check

July 12, 2016

When we started looking at RVing we got all the horror stories. (Why do people do that?) One thing we heard was about people failing to latch the trailer pin into the hitch and then pulling out and having the fifth wheel fall onto the truck – damaging both. For whatever reason, this stuck in […]

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The #1 Marriage Problem

July 11, 2016

I have long had a theory about what the number one marriage problem might be. After talking with a whole lot of individuals, couples, and marriage bloggers, I’m now pretty sure I’m right.  The biggest marriage problem in the USofA is… Busyness (With a Bullet) We’re all too stinking busy to build and maintain the kind of authentic, intimate […]

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