Baby Steps and Small Beginnings

January 22, 2015

My wonderful wife is a big fan of baby steps – small efforts working towards a big goal. Some amazing things come from small beginnings. Two of the biggest companies in the world, Apple Inc. and Microsoft, were started by college dropouts with nothing more than a few dollars and a couple of friends. This is nothing new – […]

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Marriage Decay

January 21, 2015

Between us, Lori and I have six dental appointments this week (cleanings, and fillings). After several years of twice-yearly check-ups and cleanings, we missed a couple years for a variety of reasons, including financial concerns. Overall, what our new dentist found wasn’t too bad – it could have been far worse. However, until we sat in the chair, we […]

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When to Lower Your Expectations of Her

January 20, 2015

Sunday I talked about times when it is wise to lower your self-expectations. What about lowering your expectations for your wife? There are those who say the secret to happiness is low expectations. If you expect very little, you’ll rarely be disappointed, and sometimes be pleased. I have no idea how a person could actually live like […]

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Something Different, Part II

January 19, 2015

When I wrote And Now for Something Entirely Different, I mentioned my friend Bil (in the grey shirt in front of me). I’ve discussed the article and comments with Bil since it posted, and he has written a guest article on the issue. My name is Bil. I’ve been subscribing to TGH for many years, […]

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When to Lower Your Expectations

January 18, 2015

A couple of months ago our church announced it was looking for people to form an a capella choir to sing on Christmas Eve. After trying to tell myself I didn’t have time, I decided to jump in. I used to sing in choirs. I was, I think, rather good. I could mostly sight-read music, and […]

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A Sure-fire Way to Have Better Sex

January 17, 2015

This post is about porn. You may see the post title as bait-and-switch, but it’s not. What, you may be thinking, does porn have to do with “A Sure-fire Way to Have Better Sex?” Everything “Results showed the more pornography a man watches, the more likely he was to use it during sex, request particular pornographic sex […]

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Friday Flashback: Love Her, Love Her Kids

January 16, 2015

If you have children, or if she has children by someone else, those kids are extremely important to her. I don’t want to get in to an argument about a mother’s love verses a father’s love, but brain science shows the vast majority of mothers have a deeper bond with their children than most fathers are […]

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The Her You Could do Without

January 15, 2015

As I wrote the last few days about changing who I am, did you think how you’d like your wife to change who she is? Does she have some difficult parts you would like to see die off? Maybe those parts are new, or maybe they have always been there, but recently seem to be taking […]

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