A Reuben With Cheddar?? Yes!

November 17, 2015

One of the fun things about traveling is folks keep taking us to their favourite places to eat. When our friends Tim and Anne took us out recently, Tim suggested the Reuben sandwich – with cheddar cheese. I’ve had plenty of Reuben’s in my life, but never with cheddar – swiss is the default cheese. But […]

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I’m Such a Horrible Person!

November 16, 2015

For almost a week, I’ve been ranting about how immature most of us are. If you take an honest look at yourself it’s easy to be overwhelmed with how much growing up there is to do. It’s not a few things to fix around the edges; it’s about radically changing some core issues.  Even worse, […]

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Being a Grown-Up Follower of Jesus

November 15, 2015

“But I, brothers, could not address you as spiritual people, but as people of the flesh, as infants in Christ. I fed you with milk, not solid food, for you were not ready for it. And even now you are not yet ready, for you are still of the flesh. For while there is jealousy and […]

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Grown-Up Sex

November 14, 2015

One of the great things about growing up is you get to have grown up sex.  Grown-up sex is like a day of great dirt  bike riding with a friend, capped off by a beautiful sunset. The sex many of us have is like riding your tricycle across the patio and managing to stop soon […]

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Growing Up As a Couple. Or Not.

November 13, 2015

I’m greatly blessed my wife and I have been working on growing up together. Aside from the benefits I get from her growing up, we have a synergy thing going that helps us each grow up faster. Growing up as a couple is awesome, and I highly recommend it. However, growing up is what you […]

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On Growing Up

November 12, 2015

A while back, in the comments of either this blog or The XY Code, someone took offence at my saying people need to grow up. I’m proud to say I was mature enough to not respond, “You just feel that way because you need to grow up.” Humour aside, Lori and I have talked for several […]

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I’m Going to Grow Up; I Hope You Do Too.

November 11, 2015

I see a lot of marriages where is seems both spouses are waiting for the other to grow up. I suspect both would say they are more mature, or took the last step, and it’s their spouse’s turn. What if one of them, either one, said:  I’m Going to Grow Up; I Hope You Do […]

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A Friend of Your Marriage

November 10, 2015

When I work with men, I tell them up front I’m a friend of their marriage first and foremost. I want to see their marriage get healed and grow. I want them to have the best marriage possible. And I want that enough to get in their face or piss them off. The same is true […]

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