Send Us Out With a Cup of Coffee

February 16, 2015

So God has given us a 5th wheel, and we bought a tow vehicle. We need to do some repair and customisation on the RV, a bit of work on the truck, and repay the savings used for the truck. We figure we need about $15,000. You can see our progress to the right.

Our hope is to raise the money from donations of $2 to $5 – the cost of a coffee at Starbucks. Think of it, thousands of people each giving just a little bit. 

Coffee and change © Paul H. Byerly

You can help us out in either of three ways:

    1. Fold a piece of paper around a few dollar bills, toss it in an envelope, and send it to

      Paul & Lori Byerly
      PO Box 2166
      Deer Park, WA, 99006-2166

    2. Hit PayPal. (Note we will get a bit less than you give due to fees).


  1. Bill Pay – which is free for many banks. Use the information below:

    Paul Byerly
    PO Box 2166
    Deer Park, WA, 99006-2166
    Phone (509) 654-9206

All donations will go through The Marriage Bed (our non-profit). If there is no name and address in the envelope it will be considered an anonymous cash donation. If you include your name and address (cash or check made out to The Marriage Bed), you may claim it as a donation (due to the number of small donations we are expecting, we will not be acknowledging them individually for this fundraiser only).

If you wish to give more, please use our normal donation page.

Coffee cups and change © Paul H. Byerly