A few bugs in the code …

Hi all,

All in all a fairly easy release.  I apologise to those of you who tried to read, register of comment between 1pm and3 pm Pacific time today while I was making changes to the live site.

A couple of changes made today:

  • Removed the default  italics from the right column – too difficult to read
  • Added the ability to create a local avatar – go to your profile to upload one.  This will suppress your global avatar (if you have one) on this site only, or allow you to easily set up an avatar if you don’t have a global WordPress account.
  • Fixed the login and log out features in the side bar – both were buggy on some browsers.

klingon1Enough of this programing – I will get a real tip posted for Wednesday.

I will leave you with my favorite programing quote – those of you who do battle with code will appreciate this:

Klingons do not “release” software. Klingon software escapes, leaving a bloody trail of design engineers and quality assurance people in its path.

3 Comments on “A few bugs in the code …

  1. Hi Paul!

    Just may be my machine but when teh page comes up the header is fine, the region on the right is fine but the region on the left is a big blue box taking up what is left of the screen

    I have to scroll waaaaayyyy down (actually only below the right box)in order to see any of the postings. I am using IE 6

    If I could figure a way to screen shot I’d send you one.

    Let me know how I can help with more info.

  2. rfwoodvt – That would be IE 6 – it’s rendering one or more of the boxes incorrectly so that the left and right box don’t fit in the main area. I’ve nudged it a few pixels, let me know if that does it. If not, I will need to write some logic code to send IE 6 different information.

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