One thing

What one small to medium thing could you regularly do that would make her life easier, better, or nicer?  If you don’t know right off, you could always ask her – but only if you are serious about following through!

Notes on the move to the blog:

  • I am traveling through next Tuesday, so I have limited ability to work through things.  The tips will continue to go to the old system for several weeks, so there is no huge hurry.
  • Both Yahoo and G-mail are treating the e-mails with passwords as spam.  NO doubt other systems are doing the same – I know AOL is famous for this.  To whitelist enter the following two e-mails, replacing the “$” with @ – nobody$ and paulb$
  • The best current instructions for moving are here.
  • A few of you are seeing the old web site because of a local or ISP cache issue.  If you see the old site, dark blue with cartoon man and woman, hold down the shift key while clicking the reload button on your browser – this should fix the issue.
  • If your work or school firewall is blocking the site, you may be able to get the RSS feed.  I will also get information on e-mail from the RSS feed and send that out.
  • YES – I KNOW – the font on the main banner is too feminine. I had to throw something up there, I will get a proper banner up when I am home next week.

One Comment on “One thing

  1. Sorry… really didn’t mean to echo that too much. I really appreciate all that you do do on the site with everything you’ve created and worked on. Thanks very much for dedicating your time for us and our marriages. God bless your travels and I hope that you manage to feel rested at some point in time during them. Wow… it’s amazing to watch the subscriber count grow too! Almost a thousand people already. So I guess you hear the same things echoed… A LOT.

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