Hidden code words

You can send your bride secret love messages or encouragement in public by coming up with a few words, phrases or actions that mean something special to the two of you.

For example – at a table, instead of saying “please pass the mashed potatoes” you could say “please send the mashed potatoes my way”. Let your bride know “send the ____ blank my way” means “I love you”.

“It’s warm in here.” = “You’re so hot.”
“What a beautiful sunset.” = “You are so beautiful.”

Stirring a drink that does not need to be stirred could indicate you are ready to leave when she is. Tuning your watch around your wrist 180° could mean you are having fun and are willing to stay as long as she is.

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4 Comments on “Hidden code words

  1. When I was a little guy and my parents would hold my hand for safety such as crossing the street, they would squeeze my hand three times to mean “I love you.”

    Now and three squeezes at any time or just putting up 3 fingers means “I love you” to my bride and to my two children. You would be amazed how many times I see the clock when it shows 3:33.

    These are great!

  2. I found a card for my wife which says I am yours and your are mine. Inside it says I Win! All I need to say is I win and she gets the message. Also using the one hand sign for I Love You (Thumb out and middle two fingers tucked in) is something you can do any time, any where and send the message.

  3. I’ll draw a heart on my wife’s leg, arm, or hand when we’re in public (or anywhere) to tell her I love her . . . these are great ideas!

  4. Garrison Kiellor, in one of his monologues, talked about the comparison of fresh sweet corn to intimate times with your wife. You know how good the taste of extremely fresh sweet corn can be, drizzled in melted butter and a light sprinkling of salt and pepper …. His talk was tasteful, but also created a vivid word picture.

    My wife and I have a little sign in the bedroom promoting fresh sweet corn. When we talk about sweet corn with that twinkle in the eye, we know what we are talking about. Thanks Garrison, and Paul.

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