Calling all bases …

If you live multi-story home or a large single level home, and especially if you have children, there can be a lot of yelling back and forth going on. Some women don’t mind this, but it drives others mad. If your wife is in the second category, think about an intercom system. Wireless intercoms simply need to be plugged into the wall and are ready to go.

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  1. anyone have any recommendations for good intercoms? I realize this is not consumer reports but figured someone has to have some insight.

    the only issues I can see would be the wireless intercoms interfering with a wireless internet home setup. Like the older 960 mHz wireless phones used to do…


  2. We have an altogether different solution in our home. Yelling from one floor to another is known to us as “hog calling.” It is part of the family culture of my wife’s family, particularly the females. Members of her family tell me it is part of their regional culture of Southern Virginia which they proudly proclaim to be their “redneck heritage.” To them it is also acceptable in public places such as restaurants and churches.

    My wife and I decided this behavior is not appropriate for our home and family under any circumstances other than emergencies. If she (and she will if permitted) or our children do it, the rest of our family responds with “Suuu-eeee! PIG PIG PIG! Take it back to the barn yard!”

    This teaches our children better communications and conflict tactics and resolution by speaking in lower more peaceful tones, face to face. It also taught my wife better husband/wife communication, necessary for all aspects of any marriage relationship. This is most important for she learned bad habits from the men and women in her family, all of whom are closed to each other and do not openly communicate from the heart.

    Proper leadership and teaching is an important aspect of being a generous husband and I have serious doubts as to the training brought about by intercoms.

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