Does this browser make my page look fat?

For those of you reading on the web site – does the page seem to display correctly?  Specifically, is the left column (the one these words are in) correct (see screenshot below).  I know the width of the blue between the columns varies by browser, but as long as the columns are as shown it’s good.

I am particularly interested hearing about IE 6 and Safari.



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  1. There’s a great website called BrowserShots ( that will show you a screenshot of your website in all sorts of various browsers. Great for checking browser compatibility.

  2. From your screenshot, the “cross ribbon” of blue is supposed to be of equal width horizontally and vertically.

    In the Mac version of Safari 4 Public Beta (5528.16), beneath the horizontal bar, the vertical bar is only a few pixels wide. In other words:

    The *title bar* matches your screenshot.

    The *body* and *sidebar* do not. Basically, the *body* is the proper width. The *sidebar* has more white on its left side so that the blue divider between the *body* and the *sidebar* is pretty thin.

  3. robhulson – Various browsers treat boarders differently, and most do not follow the official standard. I code to Firefox, which follows the standards very well, and then modify to accommodate the others. My goal is to make the vertical bar wide enough that it is at least a pixel wide on any system.

  4. Site looks great on Win 7 Beta / IE8 and Win 7 Beta / FF3. Everything formatted like it’s supposed to be.

    Paul – thanks for all you and Lori do.

    The Chief

  5. not good here…. large blue box with no content below the banner.but alongside thwe right column.. then the tips under that with a plain blue in the right column… using IE7 on winxp

  6. I use the latest version of Firefox, 3.0.6, on XP. The entire site looks great, loads fast and is easy to navigate.

  7. I am a Safari user. It doesn’t quite have the cross effect I think you were going for. The picture of who is this is surrounded by blue line on three sides, not the top. There is no blue divider line down the page. I am also not sure about my subscription status. I have been receiving some of the new format daily tips, but have not received anything for the last couple of days. I was looking for a link where I could send you an email about that, but there appears to be no “contact administrator” on the page. Also, in Safari there is nothing further for the “Who is this” link. I received an error message this morning when I clicked on it.

    “You clicked a link to and it doesn’t exist. An administrator has been emailed about this problem, too. You can click back and try again or search for what you’re looking for in the search to the right:” is the message which came up on the next page.

    Thanks for all the effort and work you do. I hope the feedback helps you iron out the rest of the bugs on your way toward a new and awesome website.

  8. Lucky one – No idea on the page not found – I saw that message come in, and the page was up and running at the time.Okay, fixed it now.

    On subscription status – you had to be logged into post a comment, so you have gotten that far. While logged in, click on “dashboard” under the “control panel” on the right side bar. Then on the drop-down menu under “profile” click on “Subscriptions”. On the next page you can view and change your e-mail settings.

    The contact administrator is listed as “contact me” under pages.


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