To “buy happiness” go for experiences, not things.

Galina Barskaya
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Experiments find long-term happiness and satisfaction come not from what we have but what we do. It seems experiences mean more to us than things do.

I think this is especially true for couples – money spend doing things with her will satisfy her more than buying her stuff. Based on that, I suggest a majority of the money you spend “on her” should go towards dinners, movies, going dancing, museums, day trips, vacations, and so on.

If money is tight, look for ways to “buy” experiences on the cheap. Make a picnic meal and take a drive to the beach, the mountains, a national park, or some such. Find a way to go to movies when the prices are lower. Look for deals on off days and at non-peak times.

Kirsty Pargeter
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If you are not struggling financially there are great deals from vacation locations hurting for income. Maybe it is time for the vacation you have always dreamed about.

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2 Comments on “To “buy happiness” go for experiences, not things.

  1. This is exctly what I have observed to be a truth in my relationships, not only with my precious one but with my children as well.
    I have seen the joy of a new possession quickly fade, sometimes to even be forgotten, but I have never seen that the memory of something done for them, or of something done together, has ever been forgotten.
    And it is truly ‘the little things’, don’t you know?
    For instance my precious one and I love breakfast. She is on a rotating start time with her job and so many of the work days in a month I can get up with her and fix us breakfast. I also start her car for her on cold mornings.
    This morning, after I had read this tip, I was eating breakfast with her and she said, out of the blue, “You love me, don’t you?” I said, “Yes, very much”. She said “I know you do because of all the little things you do for me.”
    Wow. What a confirmation!
    Now don’t get me wrong she loves the ‘rings and things’ that I love to buy for her to mark special days and sometimes just because… but, their joy is amplified, I have seen, because she knows that what I buy her is, indeed, ‘a gift from the heart’ and not just an obligatory purchase to ‘honor’ a special day. And she knows this because of the gifts of my time that I give her every single day.
    And you know what, she does the same thing for me! A few days ago she bought me a small can of my favorite nuts and put it on my dresser with a heart shaped sticky note that simply said. “I Love You!” *sigh* I sure do love her.
    Be good, then. It’s what you were created to be.

  2. How true this is. A few years back we committed ourselves to have a date night every Thursday. Most times our dates are on the cheap with a few more expensive ones mixed in. It is hard to compare the value of walking hand in hand down the street or through the mall to a gift that will be soon forgotten.

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